Co-operative legal services

Co-operative Flexible Benefits work in partnership with The Co-operative Legal Services (CLS) and offer FREE initial telephone advice on will writing, probate and estate administration. There is a 15% discount for employees wishing to use CLS Will writing services.

Legal matters can be frustrating, costly and time consuming, with advice which may be complex and difficult to understand. The Co-operative Legal Services are a trusted source of FREE advice that is easy to understand and a fixed fee quotation in advance of any works undertaken, giving complete peace of mind.

Call 0844 252 9960 for Will writing services and 0844 252 9961 for probate and estate administration.

  • Free advice and support on Will writing, probate and estate administration
  • 15% saving to employee on single or mirror Will cost
  • Fixed fee on all probate matters
  • Complete peace of mind that affairs are in order
  • Reduces time off work
  • Verification and valuation of assets

For more information contact our helpdesk on 0800 458 7929 

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