Green car scheme

Green Car Scheme delivered in partnership with Zenith, offering an exciting and innovative flexible benefit which enables you to give all of your employees the opportunity to drive a low cost, low emission, brand new car as part of their reward package,

The Green car scheme works through salary sacrifice and each month, in exchange for a fixed reduction in the employee’s gross salary a saving of tax and national insurance will apply and the employee gets to drive a brand new car with an all inclusive package.

Your employees also get the benefits of Zenith’s buying power to obtain enhanced discounts and preferential deals. Being all inclusive, the scheme offers an easy package which protects from market fluctuations in insurance an maintenance.

  • Allows your employees to significantly reduce the cost of sourcing a private vehicle
  • Scheme tailored to individual company needs
  • Offers flexibility in vehicles to suit every lifestyle
  • Can be used in conjunction with or as replacement to existing company car scheme
  • Assists in attraction, retention, and motivation of employees
  • Encourages low emission vehicles
  • A dedicated team of people to help and support scheme 

For more information contact our helpdesk on 0800 458 7929

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