Customer feedback for Co-operative Flexible Benefits.

Unipart Group:
“Unipart selected Co-operative Flexible Benefits as their new childcare vouchers provider because as well as confidence in their ability to achieve objectives in transferring the scheme, Co-operative Flexible Benefits also offered a personal service, ethical stance and childcare dividend fund.

The Co-operative Flexible Benefits staff we have had contact with have been really amenable, efficient and pro-active in providing help and our employees have experienced a seamless transfer.”

Oxfam UK:
“Oxfam launched their childcare voucher scheme in April 2005. Co-operative Flexible Benefits staff are always very supportive, provide a top class service and the combination of office-based support and a dedicated account manager works really well.”

NHS South of Tyne and Wear:
“The Trust introduced childcare vouchers as an employee benefit in November 2005. Having successfully launched the scheme to our employees across numerous sites, we have been delighted at the uptake and positive feedback we have received from employees on the simplicity of the scheme. We have seen steady growth year on year, primarily due to pro-active activity from the Co-operative Flexible Benefits team in running road shows, attending events and providing promotional material to circulate to employees.

I would not hesitate in recommending Co-operative Flexible Benefits to provide a childcare voucher scheme for another business.”

Co-operative Group:

“We found the implementation of the Co-operative Flexible Benefits childcare vouchers scheme was very smooth and the support provided was invaluable. The account management and on-going support from the Helpdesk team was excellent.