Am I eligible to receive childcare vouchers?

In order to qualify for the tax and NI savings you must meet the following criteria:

  • have a child aged up to 15 (or 16 if the child has disabilities)
  • have parental responsibility for the child (this does not require the child to live with you)
  • use the vouchers to pay for qualifying childcare

What do I need to consider before joining the scheme?

We want to make sure that childcare vouchers are the right choice for you. Your employer will need to ensure that your reduced pay will not fall below National Minimum Wage. Plus if you are currently receiving certain state benefits you may not be better off using the scheme. To find out more about whether the scheme is right for you speak to your employer, or call our freephone Helpdesk on 0800 458 7929.

How can I find out more about tax credits?

The Tax Credits Helpline is a good place to start – their number is 0345 300 3900. HMRC has some useful information on their website ( as does the Daycare Trust.

Many working parents benefit from both Tax Credits and childcare vouchers. It is however always advisable for you to check with the Tax Credits Helpline that it will be in your interests to claim childcare vouchers as well as Tax Credits, as everyone’s case is slightly different.

For more information contact our helpdesk on 0800 458 7929