Paying my Childcare Provider

How are childcare providers paid?

Directly into their bank account. Payment instructions made by midday Monday to Friday will be actioned the same day. Payments will take 2-3 working days to clear through the banking system and credit your childcare providers bank account, but they will receive remittance advice so that they know your payment has been made.

Who can I pay with childcare vouchers?

Your childcare provider MUST be appropriately registered if you want to pay them with childcare vouchers. You will find that all common forms of childcare (nurseries, crèches, playgroups, childminders, nannies, out of school clubs and holiday play schemes) tend to be registered.

You can use a combination of childcare providers, or change childcare providers as often as you wish.

If your childcare provider isn’t registered with us, we will send them a simple registration pack to set them up in order for them to receive payments from your online childcare voucher account directly into their bank account.

What if I only need childcare for a small part of the year?

Many parents who have older children find that they only need childcare for certain times of the year, such as school holidays. These parents find that they can use childcare vouchers to budget for their childcare costs by taking an average amount each month, and saving the vouchers up to use when they need them. Simply calculate the approximate cost of your annual childcare and divide by 12 months (or 13 if you are paid 4 weekly).

Can I set up a standing order to make regular payments?

We offer an online standing order facility so your childcare provider can be paid automatically on the dates you request. Or you can call our freephone Helpdesk on 0800 458 7929 and they will set it up for you.

For more information contact our helpdesk on 0800 458 7929